The Verrill gang go to Camp Bestival

The Verrill gang go to Camp Bestival

Being a teen mum meant I missed out on a few things. I didn’t go to UNI (I just scraped through qualifying from Hairdressing college whilst I suffered with morning sickness in between perms), I didn’t go travelling to India like I planned, I was in feeling my baby dancing in my belly whilst my friends were dancing in the club downing vodka… all these things I didn’t miss at all but not going on the annual festival trip stung majorly. I was 18 and all my friends were finishing school after getting their results and heading to celebrate at Reading festival like we did every year. I had sold my ticket and was laid up in bed teary with FOMO and feeling sick. I never regretted my decision but it was normal to feel a bit of FOMO. I thought my days of visiting festival was long behind me until I discovered Camp Bestival!

Camp Bestival is a five day festival in Dorset’s wonderful Lullworth castle grounds with families in mind. There’s performances from the clean bandit and basement jaxx to the likes of Mr Tumble! They had a fabulous range of free activities, meet and greets with famous characters like Peter Rabbit right down to circus acts, big fish little fish raves, silent discos and much more! We dragged Vicki (@thehairstylist_vc) and her 2 year old Maggie with us.

Things are very thought about with them having an NCT tent with baby facilities, a child toddler play area, kids compost toilets and fun free things too do. It was totally cool and acceptable to let the kids sleep in the wagons whilst parents carried on partying.

Unfortunately in the wee hours of Saturday morning Vicki and I woke up with the horrendous storm and MAD winds. I had a huge panic attack and got totally freaked out! Luckily the girls stayed asleep but it was scary. Lots of families were packing up or leaving demolished tents! Our tent was damaged in the front but we powered on through and got glittered up as it was being fixed in the evening for us. Decorated up as mermaids we drank gin in the Gin tent, raves at BFLF, went on some rides. We headed back to get glittered up again in a sequin dress and feed the kids to find the wind was on an amber warming and going at a 45 MPH our tent wasn’t going to stay put and it didn’t feel safe to stay with the kids. We agreed that if we didn’t have the kids we’d of stuck it out and would of been too pissed to care but the kids safety was at the forefront of concern. With solid 36 hour rain scheduled we loaded the buggies up with all our stuff and made a dash for the car. How we physically managed too with the kids is nothing short of a miracle but we got loaded up and set off home with the roads clear. In the morning sadly the guys of camp bestival decided with the safety team that they couldn’t open the arena again. It was sad but ultimately the right choice to make.

Here is my advice

food + drink

Pack a cool bag with snacks, drinks and easy breakfast and lunch bits to save on forking out on food vendors whilst you are there. We brought a little gas hob to do the essential coffee in the morning, 100% bring mugs from home as it’s much nicer than a paper cup, we also bought easy breakfast bits like apples, chocolate brioches, bananas and porridge pots.  Lunches we had Chewymoon goodies, biscuits, crisps and general snacky things. For dinner we got things from the vendors like chips, pizza etc. There was plenty of organic, vegan, health choices too. It was very hard to find a kids meal as such especially since it was a family friendly festival so be prepared to split your food with the tots. On the way down we stopped for Burger King and then at the camp site we had a little picnic.


SUPER unpopular opinion but pushchair over wagon. It is far easy to push than pull and they are ridiculously heavy! We rented one to transport our stuff out the car to the site and it was majorly heavy going. On the way pack to drop it back off Delilah came with me and dragging it with just Delilah was horrendously hard. On the dash home I loaded my buggy up (mothercare nanu so not particularly off road material) with ALL our stuff including Delilah in it and pushed it back to the car against the wind which was easier.  Its also a familiar place for them to nap in.


Next kindly gifted us some cool new threads to wear (anyone spot their pop up shop there?!) and anything else mermaid related, sparkly or comfy for bed was packed. I packed a fleeced onsie for Delilah because even though it was a scorcher leading up to the festival it still gets pretty chilly at night. I forgot to pack our raincoats stupidly but we survived whilst Delilah had her PomPom Poncho! I bought a toiletry bag with mini shampoos and that then another with make up and a life time supply of glitter. We got wellies and sandals too for foot wear.


If you have #treayoself once in the year let it be Camping Plus. The hot shower, running toilets and guaranteed pitch of your own choosing plus a car park space. It is 100% worth it! Get a good quality tent that can stand the test of bad weather conditions too. Make sure you  pack towels, water, sleeping bags and your own pillows! Pack earplugs and a sleeping mask to ensure you have a good night sleep. We was by a pretty noisy family so it was handy! I also got Delilah ear defenders to sleep with late in the arena.


If I can give any advice it would be to MAKE A PLAN! We missed out on so much because we was disorganised! I wished we bought lanyards with times on sooner because we missed a fair bit by being unfamiliar with timings. We did have a great time seeing Sara Cox and Rae Morris though! We visited the Girl Talk mag tent where we made some snazzy glitter badges and took a selfie in their photo booth. We saw a wedding and had a boogie in the inflatable chapel which was pretty fabulous! If I had brought Paddy we would for sure be getting married there. There was lots to explore and get up too, we really had a fabulous time especially visiting the Lickalix ice lolly van to cool us down after all the circus skills learning.


It is totally fine and mega easy to take kids to festivals. Much easier than what you probably think! Kids are adaptable (Delilah and Maggie loved sleeping in a tent, staying out late and being silly), as long as you are prepared camping is soooo easy and they will have a great time!

Maggie stealing my moves

We had sooooo much fun it was just a shame to cut the journey short. We will be back next year! The show goes on and they are already making plans for Camp Bestival 2019, which takes place from Thursday 25th July to Sunday 28th July at Lulworth Castle.

This coming Friday 3rd August at 10am to say thanks to all Camp Bestival-goers for being brilliant, they are starting a very special 72-hour pre-sale with adult weekend tickets available to buy for the amazing price of £150!!!

For a little bit of clarity we was gifted these tickets, the clothing, lollies etc but we use these brands already and we would of bought tickets anyway because its a fabulous event.

Indiana turns 2

Indiana turns 2

This time two years ago England was in a ginormous heatwave, I was almost 40 weeks pregnant constantly sweating and suffering with SPD because Indiana’s ginormous baby head had pushed right down my nether regions. I was ready to murder Paddy for getting me pregnant with my second child within 15 months, I was irritable and down. I’d had unsuccessful sweeps, I was told I would not go over my due date because I was in SO much pain it was horrendous and I was trying to take care of my one year old. The afternoon before my induction my in laws picked up Delilah for a sleepover, when Paddys Dad knocked on the door my tired swollen ankles dragged to the floor to answer it. “God darling you really are done aren’t you?” He said. Yes, yes I bloody was!

At 4am (the same time I went into labour with Delilah) I awoke to my waters breaking and it was like the films. It gushed everywhere! Fast forward to 10.58 Indiana Michael Joshua Verrill was born into the world weighing a lovely 7lb 10onz. Funnily enough my appointment was at 11!

2 years later he is well apart of the Verrill gang and we wouldn’t be us without him. He’s given us some grief, some laughs, tons of cuddles and amazing memories.

For his birthday we originally had booked the local village hall but we wasn’t aloud a bouncy castle and it didn’t make sense when we had a gorgeous abbey down the road with a park and ducks to feed, plus it’s free! We got party boxes from Brooke’s Party Bags with paw patrol patterns on I then filled them with a little sandwich, popcorn, raisins, a biscuit, boomf lolly and a chewy moon treat plus a little cartoon of juice. For the parents I did a tray of cheese salad rolls with carrot sticks, a tray of strawberries and shortcake with clotted cream, punnet of flapjacks with a couple of bags of crisps and bottles of sparkly fruity waters. It went down really well!

I pitched up the teepee with balloons, decorations and tons of picnic blankets. The kids played in the park, sand pit, stream and footballs whilst the mums chat and the dads played footie. We had lunch, ate cake and chilled it was honestly perfect! Indiana ran around like crazy with his besties and at the end I handed out gift bags from Truly Scrumptious Party Bags with paw patrol stickers books and sweets.

I finally feel at one and stable being a mother of 2. Yes having a 3 and a 2 (ahhh!) year old is mental because they hard work, they squabble, fight, wind each other up but they are very best friends and they do everything together with me. Indiana was never an easy baby with his allergies, lack ability to sleep and now recently the health visitors have suggested to start assessment for ADHD and autism but he is the most loving child! He’s so cuddly, a proper mamas boy, he could be so boisterous but then still ask me to kiss his bumped arm.

Happy birthday baby boy! Here’s to bringing us rainbows and glitter to our life.

Indiana Michael Joshua Verrill!

Just want to say a quick thank you to the following brands for gifting us gorgeous bits for his party;

The Verrill gang go to The Park Cornwall

The Verrill gang go to The Park Cornwall

Hanna (@the_savvy_mummy) is one of my the best people I met from social media and we talk regularly. Last week I was having MEGA holiday blues and was itching to do some more exploring so when she messaged to invite us to review The Park Cornwall I was packing my back already.

The Park is a stylish holiday resort just a stone throw away from the beach with tons of facilities! We stayed in a gorgeous little cottage (which was super child friendly and had great disabled features too!).

They also have other fabulous accommodation on site to suit all needs including the yurt village!

We got mega lucky with the weather so was able to enjoy the outside pool, lounge on the beds and eating pizza by the pool. There is a inside pool too in case it’s cold.

With three play parks dotted around there was tons of things to do, the kids loved the play yurt and we sat outside for Mum chat. It was convenient because everything was in easy walking distance versus other holiday parks I’ve been on which can be large and a big trek.

It is very out the way so we didn’t get any phone signal which as bloggers was annoying but it meant we spent good quality time away from the men to focus on our babies!

Would super recommend The Park and you can check them out at

This was a gift experience from The Park Cornwall on behalf of Hanna the Savvy Mummy but all words are my own and completely honest.


Chewymoon- review

Chewymoon- review

Making cute lunches for school can be a bit tiring I just feel like you’re putting all the same stuff in and nothing feels like it’s gonna have any nutritional value itd just going to fill them up until tea time. I’m always on the hunt for healthier alternatives when I discovered chewymoon was really pleased, I got given a sample in a goodie bag and the kids ate them quicker than sweets.

They are nutritionally developed to benefit the parts of the brain of your little ones which is always a win for me. It’s hard to put fruit into lunchbox if you cut it up it’s going to go off and and Delilah can’t always eat a whole apple to herself so now and I was put in something healthy into our lunch was really beneficial plus we’re portioned equally.

A few weeks ago I was stood in the nursery playground waiting to pick Delilah up and and a mum was getting told off by one of the nursery workers were put in Coca-Cola and her son‘s lunchbox to say I was horrified was understatement but a bit of what she said did make me think. She said but he needs a bit of energy to get him going through the day. But they need the right things because their little minds need to be nurtured whilst their learning and playing.

They got delivered straight through the door with a sticker book with lots of super heroes and animals to collect and every packet comes a little sticker to add to your book! (I’m looking for a Gnorman by the way, keep your eyes pealed). Delilah loves little bits like this. It’s like the teeny rubbish toy in kinder eggs! You could spend millions in the Disney store and she would pick a sticker anyway!

Get your Chewymoon subscription at

This was a gifted post but all words are honest.

Love Boo natural skincare- review

Love Boo natural skincare- review

Truth be told when I was expecting I had no idea about where to start with baby products when I was expecting Delilah but my sister in law Susie recommend Love Boo. She really rated it and she smothered baby lotion, on a then baby Milo, Pats Mum did NOT stop going on about how luscious it smelled so I got some for the kids as time went on and used their body butter when I was had Indiana and was left with huge bright red sore stretch marks and now they’re left barely visible. I still use it now because it’s such a gorgeous smelling product.

Delilah inherited my hair which is fine but lots of it and it’s curly but not in a good way. My friend Ellie has GORGEOUS curly locks but ours is fine and mental. It mattes up like crazy. I popped to Savers to get some detangling spray and there was a whole shelf of Trolls, Minion, glittery detangle spray which made my hair itch thinking about it. I also really like natural products so thought I’d better swerve the 99p spray.

The lovely guys at Love Boo offered to send me some of theirs to review and I was so grateful. It’s gorgeous smell is fig, coconut and argon oil because the ingredients are natural! You can recognise all ingredients on the back and it’s made in the UK which is fab!

I really rate the Love Boo products genuinely and you can buy them from

Picking the right wedding vendor

Picking the right wedding vendor

I have spoken before about how the wedding industry can work and how mental it can be. There is never an in between is there? Either they go above and beyond to help you or they expect big £££.

The whole thing can be pretty overwhelming so I got some tips for ya;

  • Write out of list of vendors you need to tick things off. Start ticking things off and you will feel confident that things are going well. When you write the list cut each topic up and place most important at top to the lesser at the bottom. This will help you when budgeting.
  • Budget and stay true to that price. I set a big budget for flowers because that was important to me but put a smaller tag on the extra decorations because that was less important. Don’t put yourself in debt if you can’t afford it and certainly don’t compare yourself to celebs. Kimye spent $12 million on their wedding because they can afford it, you can’t and you aren’t the Wests so don’t put yourself in a hole (tough love guys, tough love!).
  • Find vendors near the location to save on delivery charge. Local vendors mean you can meet with them and consult with them with what you’re buying. Sometimes thousands of to and fro emails can be a headache.
  • Get plenty of quotes. Someone offered me a cake for £600 and they wasn’t very helpful or eager to please which put me off I waited and found someone through a friend and found someone less than half the price plus biscuit favours for the children! She offered a discount and dropped in cake samples to taste without even batting an eyelid. I also asked her 20+ questions and nothing was a hassle so she could of quoted 10 times the price and I would of booked her.
  • Always book who you trust. I spoke to a local florist who my family had used for YEARS and she just did not get my vision even down to the way the bouquet was wrapped (I didn’t want sparkle pins but she insisted) so I went to a new florist who opened down the road. She knew exactly what I was picturing, gave plenty of options, gave alternative tie methods with ribbon and hessian and just hit the nail on the head. It sealed the deal for me when I asked her when payment was due and she said “final pay is due on **/**/** but if you wanna pay a little here or there and drop some money in that is fine. Do whatever you feel comfortable with”. I booked immediately! She said she would post me a quote out to have a think about and if the price was too much we could skim it down in places, I told her I was paying a £30 deposit the date because I didn’t want to loose the date. Her quote was a third of the price of the family florist which was even better.
  • Haggle where possible. If you can get a discount ask! Be savvy and cheeky if you can! If they aren’t up for helping you out then you shouldn’t be up for lining their products.
  • Always have trials where you can. I had a couple of bad make up trials where the make up wasn’t to my taste even after trying to explain my needs and I also had a trial and the make up didn’t even last two hours!
  • Get EVERYTHING in writing. Some of the wedding vendors are people I know but I still have things in writing to cover wedding insurance and my back.
  • Always ask for receipts and hold onto them. File them away in an planner/box/file because who doesn’t love an excuse to buy more stationary.
  • Check previous clients and ask for references. Its the extra reassurance that they are good at what they do!

Good luck planning guys!


Modelling for Lucky Sixpence Bridal @ ASOS Marketplaces

Modelling for Lucky Sixpence Bridal @ ASOS Marketplaces

We had absolutely no idea what we was letting ourselves into when we starting booking our wedding nor did we realise how cut throat the people who worked in the industry were.

There are two types of people… number 1 the look down their nose and holds out their handing waiting for you money to drop into their account for the slightest thing (we was once quoted £200 for someone to set up a colouring table *head explosion*) and the second are people who genuinely want you to have the most magical day of your life and help/support you whether they can.

Anna of Sixpence brides is the later of them two types of people. She sources eco and ethical true vintage bridal wear for the girls who want to take a road less traveled for their big day and are conscious for of their environmental impact.

So when she advertised that she needed models for her new campaign to be featured on ASOS my hand went up quicker than a race horse at Grand National.

Myself, Sophia (@sophiakatyea), Ana (@pieceof3_14), Ashleigh (that_ginger_mama), Lianne (@blondearmy) and Robyn (robyn_burton) who brought along the ADORABLE Dolly a little maltese met Anna at Peony Vintage store where we all got ready with the help of MUA Sasha (@sashajadeprebble)!

The lovely Jodi (@mcfaydenmilliny) provided the headwear and Naughty Floss (@naughtyfloss) provided the delicious candy floss bouquets for us too model along with the stunning dresses from Lucky Sixpence.

One of the wonderful things about Margate is that it is SO instagramable, from shop fronts to the beach everything is so aesthetically pleasing.

We photographed in front of shops, walls, doors and even a junk yard! The talented Sarah (@sarahannwright) photographed us and did an amazing job.

It was such a fun day too and I almost feel a bit gutted that I’d picked my wedding dress already because I just want to try on more and more dresses. There is something truly special about being in a bridal gown and a world of boring mermaid shaped dress with a bit of embellishment there is the wonderful world of vintage dresses to explore.

Lucky Sixpence bridal are dropping their new stock this month (April 2019) check them out at where Anna is sadly taking a new adventure on and is selling her dresses on a discount.