What happened on our Valentine’s Day

What happened on our Valentine’s Day

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that I’m in a long term serious relationship with this guy

If you haven’t then this is Patrick (Pat/Paddy/Patchy/Bae/Baby Daddy) and we are getting married next year.

Today we celebrate our 5th Valentines together. I know, I know it’s not a major achievement but I’m a bloody nightmare/bridezilla at times.

So I thought I’d write a list on what we done for them:

1st- we had been together two weeks and I had already long before that promised to take my then 11 year old sister to see the Lego movie (which was shit) but I did go over to his house after to give him the cakes I baked for him. We got pizza.

2nd- we went with the friends to Bluewater for shopping and food. I was 8 months heavily pregnant and waddled about. We got tons of treats and spoilt each other. The four of us went to eat at TGI fridays and the waitress dropped dirty plates in my friends shopping bags (ruining a brand new Zara coat), we then had to move tables where a man on the next table broke up (and ended his engagement) to his girlfriend. All of food came out wrong and I don’t even think we paid for it. That night Pat and I got a Chinese and watched movies.

3rd- we went to the zoo! I was pregnant with Indiana and Delilah was only teeny! We had pizza in the evening.

4th- Pat treated me to a spa day and an afternoon tea. It was bloody heaven. Need I say more. I cooked a romantic dinner in the evening.

5th- this year we got a subway. We LOVE subway. Don’t sympathise for me because I was more than happy with it. I even cleaned the whole house, disinfected everything, deep the cleaned the oven etc. BORING I know. But we put the kids to bed, had a nice dinner and we watched a movie.

So none of these things are especially extravagant. I know. But that’s not who we are. We do however love each other verrrrrry much and making a conscious effort to make a little extra effort is nice. Just to treat each other, cuddle up and spend time together is really good to remember how much we do love and care about each other. Just to sit down and eat properly together is lovely!

I hope you all had a fab day however it was spend!

And to my babe. I love ya forever x

I’m sh*t at potty training

I’m sh*t at potty training

Pardon the pun but this has got to be one of the toughest parenting milestones for me.

With out tootin’ our own trumpets but Delilah was a pretty easy going textbook baby. She slept through from a newborn (9pm until 9/11am!!!) maybe sometimes we would have a ‘rough’ night and she would wake for a feed at 5am. She crawled early, walked like a boss, speech is pretty good and picked up words fast (not always great though). I always dreaded weaning her but that was a piece of cake! Would eat everything! She then was about 15 months old and showing super good signs that she was ready to be potty trained so we gave it an easy slow paced go. She was 50% getting it right but 50% piddling herself because she had not developed enough to hold her wee and also I was nine months pregnant with a baby who was giving me SPD and causing me all sorts of false alarms (all four of them *eye roll*) so I put it off and put her back in nappies.

Since then we’ve had severally attempts that have failed. The last time I even said “SHE WONT EVER GO IN NAPPIES AGAIN!” and we still gave in but these times she wasn’t ready whatsoever because there was a lot of changes going on. So this time we looked out for the key signs;

  • She was telling us when she had gone for a wee or poo
  • Her eyes glazed over and she would get embarrassed if we saw her pushing one out
  • She would ask to be changed
  • She could take her leggings off herself
  • She had a potty and she knew what it was for

How we started (again)

  • We went full cold turkey. Pull ups just didn’t work for her, they may for others but it just wasn’t for her.
  • We went to the shops and picked out pants with Peppa pig, unicorns, sparkles, flowers etc so she felt she had picked them.
  • I put a potty in the toilet upstairs and downstairs and one in the lounge so they was always there.
  • I was strict with Pat that THIS WAS IT! We had to stay strong and get through it! We both had a habit of giving in or if we was going to soft play for example saying “ohh it will just be easier to pop one on her”. That wasn’t the proper mindset to be in to get it right.
  • Took a little potty out with me everywhere and always took her to the loo and got her to go regardless of where we was, what we was doing etc.
  • At home I started getting her to try every 20 minutes and as times gone on I have lengthened it to every hour.
  • I stopped asking her if she wanted to go for a wee and started telling her to go. Even though I was saying “Lilah do you need a wee?” she would just hear “Lilah are you wanting to stop having fun and playing to go for a wee?”.
  • Who gives a sh*t what she wears at this point. If and its very small chance if it does happen these days but sometimes she does have accidents so I have a bag stocked with spares which more often or not are oldies or uncoordinated. If you think I give a sh*t if her clothes match whilst shes crying because shes shit herself up the back and i’m in a public toilet whilst trying to scrub her clean then you can think again.


If I can give you guys any advice it would be to go at your childs pace and go with how they feel and are ready for. Some are ready at 1, some aren’t until they are 3. I 100% felt majorly pressured to get her trained but it really doesn’t matter. It also doesn’t matter if they don’t get it right and have accidents because there is always wipes, clean pants, mops and gin in the world.

Good luck!

Sophie x

A list of things that make me so very happy

A list of things that make me so very happy

In the big old negative world and my own terrible thoughts I put together a list of things that make me feel better

Things I love

  • Blogging obvs
  • Murder documentaries
  • Abduction documentaries
  • Prison documentaries
  • My children
  • Getting a refund on a dress I’ve worn out and I know I won’t wear again
  • More discount being added at the till
  • Winning games
  • Having my legs shaved
  • Being in the sun drinking sangria
  • Dancing with all the other mums that have got a baby sitter
  • Actually matching my socks up
  • New knitted wear
  • Getting on top of the laundry
  • Coffee shops that do almond milk

  • Being in a baby changing toilet area with the door locked having five minutes to sort myself and the kids out whilst in a busy location
  • VW Beetles (herbie my main man)
  • Yankee candles

  • Curly Wurley shampoo from lush

  • Opening a fresh pack of wipes
  • That feeling of finding somethings vegan surprisingly
  • Baking
  • Keeping up with the Kardashian’s (Kourtneys my favourite)

  • People complimenting my children’s beauty
  • Singing Disney songs at the top of our lungs with Delilah
  • Playing cards against humanity
  • Drinking prosecco

  • Dark chocolate
  • Lip sticks
  • Jeremy Corbyn
  • Shopping small
  • Turning paw patrol OFF
  • Iced coffee
  • Aldi
  • But marks and Spencer’s also
  • Going to bed at night knowing my boyfriend isn’t cheating on me because he’s loyal AF
  • Card games
  • Brownies
  • Vegan ice cream (from Aldi)
  • Penguins
  • Prison documentaries
  • The smell of Indiana’s head
  • The way the local town I live in is a dump but the castle lights up and shines above the shite
  • Diet coke
  • Percy pigs

  • New socks
  • Peanut butter on toast
  • Absolutely CRINGE worthy teen movies made in the 00s. Usually starring Hilary Duff/Amanda Bynes/Lindsey Lohan
  • The way my Nan always brings out the biscuits with coffee because the woman just knows
  • Clean face
  • 9 minutes on a sun bed
  • Waking up to the kids jumping on me
  • That buzzy feeling on your birthday
  • The relief of safely discarding the caps off of fruit shoots
  • Oatmeal (I know I’m that boring)
  • The intensity of sound in the cinema
  • The powerful feeling of finishing a spin class
  • Fresh bedding
  • Vanilla latte fabrese (god I’m boring)
  • Aldi reduced section where it’s like a free for all
  • Going to bed whilst everyone else is asleep and hearing that peace
New year, same old me #2

New year, same old me #2

Guess who’s back? Back again! Sophie’s back.. tell a friend.

I’ve been slacking a bit on the whole blogging front and I apologise I’ve just been so busy with festive stuff and everyone has been bloody ill!!

However, I’ve taken the time to reflect the year and write out my New Years resolutions before this Christmas kicks off with a bang and I get too pissed.

1. To be me! Keeping it real this year and not caring so much what other think. Time is so precious and I have 3 people who love me for me. I love Instagram and social media I mean it’s a bit part of my life much but you can get sucked into it.

2. To plan a kick ass wedding! I need to get my arse into gear and get organised.

3. Work on my brand and make to time work on professional goals.

4. Become organised. Keep on top of cleaning stuff, pack lunches and Mum admin.

5. Stop wearing frumpy clothes. I hate the way I’ve become. I used to loves clothes! I feel so hopeless about clothing at the moment and want to get myself to be me.

6. For the love of all that is holy I need to lose my extra five chins I’ve acquired recently.

7. #goodvibesonly *cringes* but it’s the truth. For example I used to get wound up with one particular Dad who treated his children like absolute shite and spoke to them almost abusively trying to be funny probably but got away with it more compared to what a poorer father would of done, it drove me crazy. One day I thought I’m just to do something here…. I unfollowed him and all the accounts that bothered me. I forgot about them and was far happier for it.

8. Get Delilah to nursery on time. I’ve been a little tardy recently and I’m annoyed with my tardiness recently!!! It’s so hard to get two toddlers out on time.

9. To get the kids potty trained if it’s the last thing I do!

Hope everyone has a fabulous Christmas.

Lots of love,

Sophie, Paddy, Delilah + Indiana


Surviving Christmas on a budget

Surviving Christmas on a budget

This year we saved the date and finally booked our wedding (yay!) however it has left us a bit penniless and led us to trying to be thrifty this festive season, especially when we have 2 toddlers!

1- Write a strict list for who you are going to buy for and stick to it. We’ve said that we are only buying for children because as adults if we want something we get it! I spent £500 on Christmas presents for siblings, in laws etc and it was really silly.

2- Buy the cheap wrapping paper. I made the mistake of buying gloss high quality (high price) wrap last year only to find my daughter struggled to rip it open. It all ends up in the recycling anyway so be thrifty. Primark and Poundland are fabulous for affordable paper and have some amazing prints.

3- Decide your budget for each child! I saved £10 a month after Christmas last year until October and that gave me £50 for each child.

4- Search for toys in charity shops because I got lots of brand new things for my two. I also recommend comparing shop prices for discount codes to get items at the best price.

5- Go to family for Christmas dinner! This cuts a LOT of budget out. We’ve spend £0 on food for this Christmas because we are going to stay with family!

6- Ebay/facebay/boot fair all the old toys to make way for the new ones. This puts some pennies in the fund.

7- Make homemade gifts for adults so you’ve still got them token gifts. I made salt dough decorations with my 2 year old. We had so much fun and the grandparents will love them! (So have a go!).

8- Ignore the Facebook mums who guilt you because you’ve not done elf on the shelf or Christmas evening boxes. You can create family memories without spending tons of money on silly stuff. The greatest family memories are going for a walk in the evenings to look at Christmas lights with my parents.

Indiana’s room tour!

Indiana’s room tour!

In a recent insta story poll I put to you guys which room you wanted to see the most and Indiana was the most wanted. I’m by no means good at interior design and this isn’t what this blog was about but rather wanting to share my families space with everyone.

When we upsized to a 3 bedroom I was pregnant with Indi. I obviously wanted Delilah to have the bigger room because she was the eldest but now I do feel a bit guilty. Delilah has a room bigger than the lounge and poor Indi has a room that makes Harry Potters cupboard under the stairs look like a mansion.

Another issue was that rental properties are generally magnolia painted with brown cheap carpet so I decorated it as best I could with colour to celebrate his outrageous personality mixed with our retro type of style.

A shoe box room indeed!

Firstly his cot.

Delilah was still in hers so couldn’t be handed down (it was also pink, not that I associate colour with gender but this kid needed a break).

It was actually my cousins. It’s been used by other babies and finally made its round to Indiana. The cot bed is 11 years old, been used by 4 babies and is still in fabulous condition.

The bedding is from the Little Bird collection by Jools Oliver for Mothercare as well as the wall stickers.

Underneath is a slide out storage where I keep better…

As well as the stickers I’ve pinned up a few trinkets including a white papillon weave, a lion selfie and a little hanging sign that I got when I first found out he was a boy.

In a little cove a mini wardrobe was made with a shelf and pole.

I will be honest I rarely ever hang any of his clothes up because he’s barely even got them on hangers before we are putting a clean outfit on him because he is a total mucky pup!

But we do have a little chest of drawers in there which we got in Manchester and painted it in Annie Sloan chalk paint in old white.

On top we keep a little basket of night time emergencies.

On the window seal we only have a couple of little bits because we didn’t want it to be too cluttered looking. This silver money box was gifted to him by my Nan on his christening.

And lastly the light shade was a cheap £1 purchase from Wilko to match the blind we got for free!

And there you have it! His little space. One day I will buy a rug to go in here but for now the rest of the house needs doing.

Thanks for reading.

Fifi x