My very first post and intro to BLW

My very first post and intro to BLW

Eeeeeekkk!… I can’t believe this is my very first post!

Hello! Welcome to my blog. I’m Sophie and my tots keep me pretty busy.

This is Delilah she is currently 1 and half she may look adorable but she is one sassy princess who rules the roost.


and this is Indiana! He is four months old and pretty chilled out as babies go. I cant wait to start feeding him some yummy goodies. For now hes on a pretty solid milk diet.


This blog is mainly going to focus on baby lead weaning. ‘What is that?!’ you’re thinking. Well, it’s actually not as messy and daunting as you may think. (Although it can be messy. But in a hilarious Baby-With-Pasta-On-His-Forehead kind of way.)

So you’ve survived (winged) motherhood to 5/6 months and you’re ready to start the adventure of weaning? Where to begin? Say good-bye to sloppy purees and say hello to the new age method of weaning that creates advanced eaters and non-fussy babies! By giving your child foods they can hold in their hands, to feel the textures and taste things by getting involved in the eating process.

When you blend foods you crush down all the nutrients and create a standard texture. As a child I was incredibly fussy and was worried when it came to feeding Delilah she would refuse everything I put in front of her. My mum weaned me in the nineties where you weaned babies at a mere 3 months on baby rice, purred fruit and veg then onto jars of fishermans pie which still works really well for some mums but for me it wasn’t the answer.

So I went out on a limb (and a fruit slice) to try this alternative method and a year on we have a healthy toddler who has a wonderful appetite. Happy eaters all round!

I never thought weaning would be one of my favourite parts of parenthood but I love it, I love baking treats with and for Delilah, I love making new meals and getting my family to try new things and I love filling their bellies. I have lots of recipes and ideas and wanted to share them to help other mums, food lovers and friends. So hence the creation of this space – a place where we can all cook together!

Love Sophie, Delilah and Indiana x

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