Delilahs dinners- Pitta pizzas

Delilahs dinners- Pitta pizzas

Gone are the days of a takeaway after a night out. I used to love chips in pitta! One particular month in my pregnancy with Indy I craved pitta like mad and would buy tons of packets every time I did the food shop so then birthed the idea of pitta pizzas.

You will need;

  • Brown pitta
  • tomato passata
  • toppings of your choice

Once your baby grows up to a toddler (or if you have a toddler or child already) it is fun to get messy and cook!

First toast your brown pitta bread then, get your little ones to spread tomato passata onto them then get them to sprinkle their chose of toppings they wish to add! Cheese, chopped tomatoes, chopped peppers, ham, mushrooms, pepperoni! Then pop it under the grill until it looks done! Slice up and enjoy! It’s really simple, easy to do and low cost meal. Sometimes when you spend way way too much time making a meal your kids have a sixth sense and push their plates away. You win some you lose some! *rolls eyes*.

Love Sophie, Delilah and Indiana x

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