The Christmas Battlefield

The Christmas Battlefield

(Think Toddlers and Tiaras…except in real life it’s more like Tinsel and Tantrums)

It’s the start of December dear readers. Crack out the wreaths on the door, the advent calendars and the bare minimum of decorations that hopefully my darling children won’t attempt to pull down or lovingly smash for me. Most of it all is on the highest shelf a 5″2′ mum can muster.

I’m feeling particularly christmassy this year! Maybe its because Delilah is becoming more aware of the whole Christmas thing now or the fact that unlike last year she won’t be poorly! We spent boxing day at the hospital and I was in my first trimester carrying Indy so I couldn’t keep my dinner down nor could I drink all the gin I could get my hands on for New Years. So as first christmas’s go Delilah’s was pretty shit. (admittedly mine was too, big ‘awww’ from other mothers pregnant at Christmas watching all that food and drink on the table and secretly calculating in your head if you’ll REALLY ruin your baby’s life and be the worst mother in the history of ever if you have just one teeny tiny sip of that tonic mix…) Be strong! You can do it!

However this year we are making a point of a more joyous happy day! Another great part of being an adult is we can decide where we want to spend the day, rather than fight over whos family we go to. We’ve decided that we are spending this year with friends which suits us perfectly. They’re like family, we can drink loads, eat every pig in blanket in sight and just have fun. AT LAST GIN AND I CAN MAKE A BEAUTIFUL REUNION. Cue happy tears and drunken karaoke. Hopefully I won’t scar the kids…but after carrying them for nine months and pushing something the size of a melon out of something the size of a lemon I think they kind of owe me this one. Then boxing day will be spent with Paddy’s family. Sorted!

But uh oh. The one thing that can bring it all crashing down. Christmas shopping. The same questions every year. “What does baby want for Christmas then? Something brightly coloured and loud and battery-powered!? Perfect!” Oh dear god no.

Have no fear! I have put together a Christmas wish list to give you some ideas if you are stuck:

Babies (up to 6-9months)


Toddlers (12 months plus)

Gals and fellow mums

Fellas and Fathers (because let’s face it…no-one knows what to get them! Why couldn’t they be more like us and aggressively look and point at things when out shopping!)

  • Hawkhurst conditioning gift set from the Brighton Beard Company at £21.00 is an excellent gift if your mans rocking some sexy facial hair (not of the monobrow variety) then a beard oil gift set is PERFECT.

  • Beard baubles- equally great and very festive £5.99 from

  • Four Four Two magazine subscription- we all know someone who loves football so a gift that lasts all year (or six months depending on what package you go for)
  • Chocolate brussell sprouts- for £9.95 they are a bit of an expensive stocking filler but none the less an excellent choice and something a bit different.image1-5
  • Baslager Clothing Co. club sweat- these jumpers are comfy and are a great wear! A steal at £24.00 they do however sell out super fast so grab one fast on restock days.


Have a good time shopping and at every given opportunity for god sake get them items gift wrapped because your kids will interrupt you every five seconds when you’re frantically try to shove items into gift bags and create fancy bows because your mother in law had fancy bows last year and damnit you will NOT be out-done this year. It’s a Christmas battlefield out there. Enjoy!

Love Sophie, Delilah and Indiana x

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