I HAVE to lose my Mum Gunt

I HAVE to lose my Mum Gunt

If there’s one thing I can take pride in it’s my sense of nutrition and what amount of treats is right. I love cooking for my family especially baking! But with the business of raising two under two I’ve been eating to much and consuming WAY too much coffee.

So I got in contact with my friend Shannon. (Who FYI, is body goals!) She lost 4 stone in 4 months so after crying with jealousy I asked for her help. She used a juice diet to help her shed the pounds and tone up. Normally I would be dead against things like that and wouldn’t buy into a fad diet but I was so desperate to loose my added mum pouch and HUGE ass. (Although Pat didn’t complain about the latter.)

I’m a month in and I have lost a stone. I have two shakes (which are surprisingly yummy btw), 2 snacks and a healthy meal. I also (try to) drink 3 litres of water a day. Depending on whether my mum bladder allows it. If you’re pregnant and/or you’ve given birth, you know what I’m talking about. I’ve not consumed any caffeine which is helping me and stopped head aches. This is of course very handy when two babies are screaming in unison!

image1 (6)

Day one I was sceptical but open to trying new things. I need to lose weight badly. The shakes actually tasted good, I was invited to an online support group with recipes, help, guidance. I had Shannon on call to ask her for anything I would need and I was seeing results. HALLELUJAH!

I also found that I hadn’t been struggling to look after the kids, I felt better being hydrated, no headaches means tantrums are more manageable and a big one for me was definitely the feeling of actually having a bit of energy! When you feel good, your kids feel good. I’m not doing this as a revenge body or to prove a point but I’m doing this for me. I feel amazing and like I could conquer anything. Indy’s thrown up on my new rug? No big deal. Delilah screamed “PEPPA!!” into my ear continuously until an iPad was put into her hands? Pfff. Easy. With more of these shakes perhaps topped with a little gin I’m half-convinced I could do a standing backflip in my kitchen.


I’m continuing the program for the rest of the three months with the hopes of losing two and a half more stone. I’ve started visiting the gym frequently, going jogging and doing spinning classes! For those that know me pretty well this is a whole new side of me. (Quick note: A close friend of mine thought a spin class was actually an exercise to do with spinning. She was disappointed to learn it’s all about stationary bikes and being yelled at by your trainer.) But with the focus on my weight, Delilah turning 2 (don’t even GO THERE) and trying to organise a big move I have neglected my blog a bit (sorry readers!!) but I’m back on the ball now.

Bring on the new backflipping me!

Love Sophie, Delilah and Indiana x

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